Installing a Sliding Shower Door

If you are getting weary of your shower curtains, you can install sliding shower doors in your bathroom. When installed properly, a sliding door can add a sleek modern look to your bathroom and become much more efficient than a curtain. You can also decorate around the door more easily. You won’t have to worry about the curtain no longer matching the décor.

Sliding shower doors are additional doors installed near the bathtub or near the shower. Tracks are installed in a line for the shower doors. When you slide open the shower door, one door will move behind the other. Depending upon your choice and the budget, you can either choose a glass door or an acrylic door.

Here too, you have an option of choosing either a transparent or an opaque door. You can even have the glass door tinted for design. You can even find a variety of tracks such as gold painted tracks, brushed nickel, and even bronze tracks. However, after some time the plating  may wear off. Small wheels are sometimes inserted below the track to ensure smooth movement of the doors.

Sliding shower doors prevent the water leakage that can occur while using shower curtains. These doors come in a variety of designs, which can change the look of your bathroom. In addition to the looks, sliding doors offer certain advantages.

Advantages of Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding shower doors are less likely to allow water to spill on the floor as a shower curtain can. This helps to prevent messes, and can also be safer as you don’t have to worry about slips when getting out of the shower.

Sliding doors occupy less space and are ideal for small bathrooms.

Sliding shower doors are easy to clean. You can simply wash them with soap and water. There are many cleaning products available that just spray on to the door when you’re done with your shower to help prevent any soap scum or hard water build up.

They have a longer life than shower curtains. Properly installed shower doors can last for many years.

You can use the shower door handles to keep your towels. Many shower doors also have towel bars attached to the glass to give you extra storage for towels.

Disadvantages of Shower Doors

First and foremost, sliding shower doors are quite expensive compared to just curtains.

The installation of the tracks of the sliding shower doors can be quite cumbersome. You may need to spend additional money for a professional to help install sliding shower doors. Even if you are doing it yourself, it is quite time consuming.

You need to have a broad opening to your bath to be able to install a sliding shower door.

The rollers in the door can get jammed and you may need to reinstall the door all together. Once a roller is jammed it can be very difficult to fix. Even something as small as installing new rollers can be quite a task.