Installing A Sub Wall

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There are many people who enjoy the feel of a half wall, and installing a sub wall is easier than you would imagine. It only takes a moment to decide that you want to do and a day to finish it.


You should have already decided by now where you want the half wall. The most common place is in the kitchen to divide it from a living or dining room area. You should also be aware of where the ceiling studs are so that the structure will be sound when completed.


You are going to need 2 by 4’s, sheetrock, gypsum putty, sheetrock nails, and extra sheets of plywood. All of these items can be purchased at your local home supply store. You will need a truck to haul these items to your home and help to carry the items in.


Your measurements will need to be considered first. How long do you want the wall to be? How tall do you want it to stand? When considering how wide it will be, you also need to think about the ceiling and floor studs. If you want it to be 6 feet long but the studs are every 7 feet, you will need to add an extra foot for stability reasons. This is just an example as floor and ceiling studs are generally closer together than that.

You will need to build all the way to the ceiling on either end and make sure you are attaching these pieces to any possible studs as these two pieces are your stabilizing pieces. Between the pillars, you are going to build the rest of your wall.

You will build the frame based on your measurements taken earlier in the project. Use nails for this part and screws later. Once your base is built and it is sturdy you can add insulation, but there is honestly not much point, as it is a half wall and the air will travel regardless. You are now able to place the drywall.

Make sure you get the drywall against the frame as tight as possible and that each sheet is flush with the next sheet. Your next course of action is to place drywall putty between the seams and scrape it all even. Sand the putty flush with the drywall after it has had time to harden. You may at this point in the project want to decide if you would like to add a texture coat to the wall. Or you can opt for paneling or wallpaper.

Once you have decided on the finish for your wall you can then choose to use the top of your wall, as a banister or a countertop. If choosing the countertop option, you can find used countertops in your local classifieds or buy one new from your local home remodeling store.


You have finished your half wall and now it is time to finish by adding to your décor and unique personality with knick-knacks, plants. or what-have-you.