Installing a T Post Fence

What You'll Need
T posts
T post driver
T post clips
Wire puller
Wire cutters
Corner post set

A T post fence is ideal for fencing large pasture areas. It is useful when using other types of fencing would simply be cost-prohibitive, and when the posts are joined with barbed wire to keep livestock in. It’s important to know the correct way to install T post fencing in order for it to be most effective. It’s not a complex procedure to carry out correctly.

Step 1 - Determining Wire and Post Requirements

Start by determining how many posts you need and how much wire. Measure the distance that the fence will cover. The fence posts need to be no more than 12 feet apart in order to maintain the proper tension on the wire. To determine the amount of wire you need, take the distance and add 10 feet to every 100 feet. Multiply that by the number of strands of wire you’ll use on the fence to come up with the total amount of wire for the T post fence.

Step 2 - Installing the Corner Posts

You can’t use T posts for corners because they are not strong enough. Instead, you need a corner post set. Begin the fence by inserting a corner post in one corner of the area to be fenced. The post needs to be at least 30 inches into the ground and braced by two other posts to keep it properly upright and stable.

Step 3 - Installing the T Posts

Move 12 feet along the line from the corner post and insert the first of the T posts using a T post driver, which is essentially a pipe. Fit it over the top of the T post. Lift and drop it on the post. The weight of the driver will force the post into the ground. Keep driving until the fin that’s on the T post is under the ground. Insert additional T posts and the corner posts until you have posts around the entire area to be fenced.

Step 4 - Putting up the Wire

Start with the bottom strand of the wire at a corner post. Twist the wire to attach it securely and roll it out, trying to keep to the ground’s contours. At the T posts attach the wire with special T post clips. If using barbed wire be sure to remove the bards 4 inches on either side of the posts so there’s no danger of the snagging.

Repeat with slips at each T post. When you reach the next corner, use a wire puller to be sure the wire is taut. If the corner post set has attachments, secure the wire to them. If not, keep the wire tight by wrapping it around the post, and then wrap additional wire over the taut wire. Work along the next side, repeating the use of the wire puller at the next corner, until you’ve fenced the entire area. Repeat for each subsequent strand.