Installing a Thermostat Guard to Prevent Tampering

What You'll Need
Thermostat Guard

If you live in a home with small children, or you share a flat with people, then you may want to consider installing a thermostat guard to prevent others from turning the dial. Children in particular are fond of playing with the thermostat dial (and covering it with peanut butter), but they may not understand why it is wrong for them to do so. In order to prevent the thermostat from being altered, and thereby risking energy waste and increased fuel bills, you could have a thermostat guard installed by a professional, or you could try doing it yourself. By following a few simple instructions, you can fit your own guard over your thermostat.

Step 1 - Preparation

Before you fit the guard, ensure that the thermostat is set the the right temperature for your device, and then place the guard plate over the thermostat. Ensure that the guard is in the correct place, and that it is positioned so that it covers all of the thermostat, and then drill a series of holes into the wall, using the holes in the guard as your template. You can then set the guard to one side. Remove the body of the thermostat, removing the wires as you do so using the screwdriver.

Step 2 - Add the Wires

Once you have marked out the position of the thermostat guard, pull the wires through the hole, and then mount the guard plate so that these wires are in front. Push the wires through the wall plate, and screw this firmly into the wall behind. You should then mount the base of the guard on top of the wall plate. Install the thermostat into the wall, so that it is sitting on the base of the guard. Wire the thermostat as instructed in the manual, keeping the wire taut and tightening the screw terminals using your screwdriver.

Step 3 - Mounting the Guard

You should now be ready to install the guard. Place the inner base on top of the thermostat, and screw into position. You may find some plastic anchors in your Guard kit, which should be fitted into position now. The hinge of the thermostat guard can now be attached to the ring base. Ensure that the hinge is mounted in the correct position over the top of the ring base, and swings in the correct direction. Once this is done, add the thermostat guard side and front gates. Check that these are able to swing freely.

Step 4 - Finishing

Once you have completed the mount, slide the cover into position against the frame, and attach the locking device to the bottom. You can then lock the guard, and remove the key. Keep the key in a safe place for future use (be careful not to lose it), and ensure that you keep the instructions for your thermostat guard, as you will not be able to remove the guard if this information is lost.