Installing a Tumbler Dryer Vent Gravity Grill Installing a Tumbler Dryer Vent Gravity Grill

What You'll Need
Gravity Vent Kit (about $12)
electric drill
hole saw
saber saw
steel tape measure
nails or screws
6 or more sheet metal screws

Dryer vents should almost always be installed in such a way that they are being vented outside of the home. There are kits specially designed to reroute the vent inside the home, although in many places such vents are against code. The faster and more efficiently lint is removed from the dryer, the more efficient and the more cost friendly the dryer runs.  Thus, installing a tumble dryer vent gravity grill could be beneficial for any home in that it increases the dryer's efficiency in putting out heat and other extraneous materials.

Step 1 - Parts Check

Make sure all the parts listed in the kit are included. This step seems frivolous, but it is important to be sure to have everything in case you need to send your product back before even starting.

Step 2 - Pipe Adaptor

Screw the Pipe Adaptor counter-clockwise into the opening on the back of your dryer.

Step 3 - Mounting Box

With a hole or saber saw, make sure you have a big enough opening in the wall for the mounting box. Nail the mounting box in place.

Step 4 - Flexible Vent

For your last step, attach one end of the flexible vent with the mounting box and the other with the pipe adaptor using sheet metal screws.

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