Installing a Vertical Bike Rack in Your Garage

What You'll Need
Vertical bike rack
Drill Wood screws
Wall anchors (optional)
Bit appropriate for wall anchors (optional)
Screwdriver bit appropriate for screws
Tape measure
Straight edge
Stud finder

Many bike enthusiasts have multiple bicycles, and efficient storage can be a problem solved by a vertical bike rack. Installation is quick and requires little skill and but a few hand tools to complete.

Step 1 - Measure for Placement

With a tape measure, mark the wall 78 inches up from the floor at the studs (located using a stud finder) to accommodate the vertical bike rack at a width as desired (32-inches wide for 2 bikes or 48-inches wide for 3 bikes). With a straight edge, draw a horizontal, level line the width determined. This line denotes the placement of the top of the rack. If you are unable to attach the rack to studs, use the supplied wall anchors. Lightly mark 2 vertical plumb lines at the width determined (either 32 inches or 48 inches). The lines will denote the location for the vertical bike hanger rack supports.

Step 2 - Mount Brackets

If you are attaching brackets directly into studs, use the provided 2-inch wood screws (6 each) and a drill with screwdriver attachment to install the top screw of each bracket. Do not tighten completely. Attach it such that the top of the vertical bike rack is flush with the horizontal line drawn in Step 1. Next, attach the bottom screws of each bracket as indicated by line drawn in Step 1. Check the bracket position for plumb and level. Once the brackets are plumb and level, tighten the top screws and bottom screws. If accurate, attach center screws and tighten for the vertical bike hanger.

Step 3 - Attach Crossbars

Attach the crossbars with provided 3/8 by 2 1/4-inch bolts, be sure the holes for the hooks are at 90-degrees to the floor. Push the bolts through the pre-drilled holes in the bracket and then through the pre-drilled hole in the cross bar. Tighten bolts with nuts. Check the cross bar for level.

Step 4 - Install Bike Hooks

The hooks for the vertical bike rack are inserted through pre-drilled holes in the cross bar (Step 3). Attach end-caps to the hooks. The end caps attach to the leg that is pushed through the cross bar to keep it in place. The profile of each hook looks like an upside-down “U,” with the hook attached to 1 leg of the “U.” The free end of the “U” is inserted through the cross bar’s pre-drilled hole.

Step 5 - Install Scuff Bar

To protect the wall, the scuff bar should be placed such that the rear tires hit the bar. Hang a bike to determine best placement for the scuff bar. Attach scuff bar with provided 2-inch wood screws or wall anchors as required. There is a clip on the scuff bar for each bike’s rear tire. Align the scuff bar clips to the bike hooks attached in Step 4, and your vertical bike rack is ready for use.