Installing a Vertical Sliding Window Air Conditioner

What You'll Need
Window air conditioner
Support brackets
Weather stripping
Window lock

Sliding window air conditioners are a good way to cool down a house if there is no central air conditioning and heating system. They are less expensive than a whole-house system. They also save money by cooling only the rooms that are in use. It takes less than an hour to install a window air conditioner in a vertical sliding window.

Step 1 - Plan the Placement

Some window air conditioners require a higher voltage plug. Installing this kind of plug usually takes a licensed electrician. If you already have these plugs in the house then you will want to place the air conditioner close enough to the plug that it can easily plug in once installed. You also want to place the window air conditioner where it will provide good air flow in the room and not be blocked by anything.

Step 2 – Examine the Window

The window frame should be in good condition. A deteriorating window frame or window sill may not be able to provide the support the window air conditioner needs or seal the window properly from outside air. Make any necessary repairs before installing the air conditioner.

Step 3 – Install the Support Bracket

Slide the window to the side. Take the support bracket that is supplied with the window air conditioner and screw it in securely to the area below the window, using a level. This support is necessary so that the weight of the air conditioner will be well supported.

Step 4 – Set Up the Window Unit

Get someone to help you lift the air conditioner onto the brackets since they are heavy and cumbersome. Have your helper hold the air conditioner while you take some measurements.

Step 5 – Test the Fit

Now slide the window closed up next to the air conditioner to check for the fit.

Step 6 – Apply the Weather Stripping

Now install weather stripping along the windows edge so that when it is closed it will form an air-tight seal.

Step 7 – Secure the Exterior

Now go outside and make any adjustments to the support brackets. Most brackets have an adjusting screw on them to make this easy to do.

Step 8 – Caulk the Seams

Now apply a bead of caulk around the window air conditioner so that air from the outside cannot get into the house and the cool air provided by the air conditioner cannot escape from inside the house.

Step 9 – Mount a Window Lock

To insure that someone cannot simply break the caulk seal and open the window gaining access to your home install a window lock on the sliding window. These either screw on with a thumb screw or screw in with a regular screw and a screwdriver.

A quality window unit will provide a cool temperature for your room for years to come. The only maintenance required is checking the support brackets, cleaning the unit, and making sure the weather stripping is in good condition.