Installing a Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet

A wall mount bathroom faucet.
What You'll Need
Wall-mount bathroom faucets
Copper piping
Pipe cutter
Emory cloth
Soldering paste
Portable soldering touch
Drywall saw
2 by 4 lumber
Circular saw
Galvanized screws
Drywall screws
Drywall tape
Joint compound
Sand paper
Paint and brushes

A wall mount bathroom faucet is a great addition to a modern bathroom. Mounting the faucets to the wall allows you to use the popular vessel sinks or just simply create a cleaner, less crowded look to your bathroom.

Step 1 - Find the Location for the Faucets

The first step to mounting your wall mount bathroom faucet is to find the proper location. Bathroom sinks are usually mounted 30 inches above the floor, so use that measurement as a guide. Once you have the proper height for the faucets, use the level to draw a line at that height on the drywall.

Step 2 - Prepare the Plumbing

Unless you are installing the wall mount bathroom faucet in a newly framed bathroom, you will need to cut into the drywall and install some new water supply lines. The first step is to find the main water supply valve and shut it off.

Use the drywall saw to cut into the wall from the floor to a few inches above the height of the new faucets. The existing plumbing should be exposed at this point. Use the pipe cutter or a hacksaw to cut and remove the hot and cold supply lines. There may be some leftover water in the pipes so have a bucket and some rags ready to catch this water.

Step 3 - Install the Faucet Support Blocks

Cut the 2x4 lumber to fit in between the wall studs at the height of your new wall mount bathroom faucets. Toenail these support pieces to the wall studs using galvanized nails or screws.

Step 4 - Connect Water Supply Lines

Take the pipe cutter and cut new copper piping to connect from the water supply lines to the new wall mount bathroom faucets. Use the Emory cloth to clean and roughen every surface of the copper that will require soldering. Dry fit all of your copper pipes and connections and make sure everything is the correct height for the faucets.

Step 5 - Attach Pipe Sections

Take the pieces apart using the soldering paste. Using the portable soldering torch, solder all the pipes, elbows, and T-fittings together. Clean the solder joints using a wet rag. Attach the completed pipe sections to the support blocks using copper strapping and galvanized screws.

Step 6 - Paint Wall

Turn the main water supply to your house back on and test the new plumbing for leaks. Repair any leaks before closing up the wall using the drywall, drywall tape, and joint compound. You can sand and paint the wall before continuing or it can be after the faucets are installed.

Step 5 - Install the New Faucets

At this point, you should have the hot and cold supply lines and the faucet supply line sticking out of your wall. Take a measurement of where your bathroom sink will be located. The wall mount bathroom faucet needs to extend far enough from the wall to reach the center of the sink.

Now attach the faucet and supply handles to the copper tubing. Always mount the "Hot" valve on the left and the "Cold" valve on the right.