Installing a Wrought Iron Balcony Railing

What You'll Need
Drill bits
Tape measure
Adhesive (epoxy is available at your local hardware store)
Broom or small vacuum
Aid of a trusty friend

Now that you have your steps in place, it is time to install that wrought iron balcony railing. There are numerous materials you could choose for a railing, but going with wrought iron is a good decision.

Follow the steps below to help you in installing your railing with ease.

Step 1 - Decide on Distance

First you will want to lay out all the railing pieces so you can decide what pattern, and what distance between each railing, you exactly want.

Step 2 - Measure and Mark

Next you will want to use your tape measure to measure the amount of space you have determined to have between the railings. Take those measurements and mark them appropriately on the area you will be placing the railing.

Step 3 - Make the Holes

Now you will want to grab your drill and drill out the number of holes necessary for each railing to fit into. These holes should be about two inches deep to assure a good secure railing.

Step 4 - Clean the Dust

Using either a broom, or a small vacuum for best results, clean the dust and debris out of the holes, and around your surrounding work area.

Step 5 - Test It Out

Before you actually secure your railing in, you will want to test it out to make sure they fit snug into the holes that you have drilled out.

Step 6 - Mix the Solution

Now it is time to take the epoxy adhesive you have purchased and mix it up to create the solution you need to secure your railing into place.

The instructions for mixing this compound will be found on the adhesive packaging.

Step 7 - Put the Railing In Place

This is where the help of a good friend is a great idea. Insert the railings into the holes that you have previously drilled out, and have your friend hold the railing level while you grab your level and your adhesive solution you have mixed up.

Step 8 - Level It Out

Now you want to take your level and make sure the railing is as straight as possible. Have your aid help you in any adjusting that needs to be made.

You will want to make sure that the railing is level before you put any type of adhesive solution into play.

Step 9 - Secure It Into Place

Now that you have found your railing to fit snug, and to be as level as it possibly could, you will want to start applying your epoxy adhesive.

Make sure enough of the adhesive is applied to make a secure fit.

Step 10 - Clean the Excess

You will want to clean any excess adhesive that is left behind with a rag. 

Step 11 - Let It Dry

Now that you have basically installed your railing, all that is left to do now, is to let it dry. Make sure you give the railing enough time to dry before it is used.