Installing Above-Ground Pool Pumps

What You'll Need
Patio Block
Hose Clamps
Filter Cartridge

Pool pumps are needed in order to pump the water through the filter and push the water out, and into the pool. Pools have evolved throughout the years and above-ground pools now exist to allow homeowners to have their very own pool, without having to go through the expenses of digging a huge hole into the ground and attaching underground hoses. Above-ground pool pumps are easy for to install and are cost-saving measures to keep your pool affordable.

Step 1 - Position the Filter

You will need to begin by measuring the dimensions of your pump and your filter. Once you have the dimensions, transpose the measurements on the area that you plan to place the pump and the filter. Dig the area until you have enough depth to place the patio block. On top of the block, place the pump and filter.

Step 2 – Connect the Skimmer

With a long hose, connect the ends with hose clamps. Locate the bottom of the skimmer basket, which is positioned at the wall. Attach one of the ends of the hoses to the skimmer by clamping it together. Attach the other end of the hose to the front portion of the pump. Make sure to tighten all clamps and screws.

Step 2 – Connect the Return Hose

With another long piece of hose, attach clamps on the two ends the same way you did for the hose in step 2. Attach one end of the hose to the return fitting which you can find on the wall of the pool. Attach the other end to the return portion of the filter which you can find on top of the device. Make sure to tighten all the clamps and screws.

Step 4 – Connect the Filter Discharge

According to the type of filter that you have, you may need to tighten the connection between the filter and the pump with the use of water pump pliers. On the other hand, if your filter does not have this feature, you may have to connect the two devices using the same hose technique used for the two steps above. Secure one end on the top of the pump and the other end on the “pump in” end of the filter.

Step 5 – Start the Pump

Place the filter cartridge on your filter and add water on your pool pump. Once you’ve done all those things, you can plug the pump in to start the filtering mechanism. Check for any leaks that may result from the connection of the hoses. If you notice any sort of leak, simply tighten the clamps to remedy the problem.