Installing Aftermarket Headlights Installing Aftermarket Headlights

What You'll Need

Aftermarket headlights are easy to install should your headlights go out on your car. Headlights are an essential part of any car and need to remain in working order. Headlights are important for bad weather and for when it get extremely foggy. Maybe you just want to change the style of your headlights. That is fine too. That is also a good way to make sure that your wiring is in working order too. Here are a few tips on how to change your headlights.

Step 1 - Turn off the Car

You must turn off your car so that no power is going to the headlights, also, be sure to turn off the headlights.

Step 2 - Open the Hood

Find your hood latch and open the hood of your car. Check to see if there is a plastic piece covering the opening to the headlights or if it is accessible. If you cannot find a way to access the headlights, then you will have to refer to the owner’s manual for guidance on how to replace your headlights.

Step 3 - Gain Access to the Lights Housing

It is time to take off the plastic covering that is over the housing for your headlights and set it aside for later use.

Step 4  – Remove the Bulbs

Once you have uncovered the housing unit of the headlights, you can remove the light bulb. Then you will need to remove the wiring as well. Just plug out the wires from the headlight for the same. You may want to go ahead and replace the bulbs as well so that everything will be brand new when you replace it.

Step 5 - Unscrew Bolts

You will now have to take the bolts out that hold the head lights in. Be sure to set them where you won’t lose them. You will need them for later on.

Step 6 - Take out Old Headlights

Once the bolts are taken out, you will have a free access to the headlights. Now you can take the old headlights out and put your new ones in. If the old headlights are still good and in working order, you can put them in the boxes and keep them for later just in case you should need them for a back up pair.

Step 7 - Put Screws Back in

Now that you have the new headlights in, you can screw the bolts from the old assembly into the new one to keep it in place.

Step 8 - Wiring

Reconnect the wiring and then you can put the bulbs into your new headlight housing. Now you can put the cover back on and clean up any mess that was left behind from changing the headlights.

Changing your head lights and keeping them in working order is very important. If something should happen to a headlight especially while you are driving at night, then you could have an accident. Headlights help to spot deer alongside the road. They also assist in seeing other cars that may be stopped along the way. It is always a good Idea to keep the other ones in case you need one in a hurry. You never know what will happen along the road. You may have to do a quick switch or install a new bulb.

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