Installing Air Conditioning Installing Air Conditioning

If your home is not already equipped with air conditioning, in the middle of the summer you may consider installing air conditioning. One of the easiest methods to cooling off is a window unit.

What to Consider When Installing Air Conditioning Units in Your Window

• Measure the area that needs to be cooled and calculate what size unit you will need
• Choose the windows in which you will be installing air conditioning units in
• Ensure the air conditioning units will fit in the windows you have selected
• Install mounting brackets that came with the unit
• When installing air conditioning units in your window ensure the brackets are safe and secure
• Place the air conditioner in to the window opening and attach it to the mounting brackets
• Lower window to the top of the unit
• Pull out the extensions on the unit and attach them to the window framing
• Seal any gaps with foam
• Attach the drain hose to the outside of the unit
• Installing air conditioning units may require chalking around the outside

Once you have completed installing air conditioning units in all your windows, plug them in and enjoy.


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