Installing an Adjustable Thermostat

What You'll Need
Hand gloves
a pair of pliers
a set of screw drivers
dust coat or overalls
electric face tester

An adjustable thermostat is used to regulate the temperature of machines ranging from heating appliances to cooling appliances. One important precaution before installing an adjustable thermostat is to ensure that the machine is not running, and if it’s a hot appliance, to give it some time to cool down to avoid burns.

Step 1

Get the right tools to enable you to open the location where the thermostat is to be fitted. In case another one is in position, carefully take it out without damaging the screws or bolts that may be holding it in place. One of the most common causes of failure in the installation of adjustable thermostats is the damaging of the threads in the screws that hold it.

Step 2

Each thermostat has its recommended setting, depending on the machine at hand. It is very crucial to take note of the setting before you start installing your adjustable thermostat. If the settings are not appropriately set in your new thermostat, you can consult the manufacturer or refer to the manual for direction. The thermostat setting plays a very important role and a single mistake could lead to serious problems.

Step 3

After ensuring that the thermostat is well set, you can lower it into place and make sure that it rests into place without any pressure. Once the gadget is in place, proceed to put back the screws or bolts that are supposed to hold the gadget firmly in place. One very important thing to watch out for is the possibility of driving in the bolts or screws the wrong way. This can result in damaging the threads and could leave you in a worse situation. To check that the screws or bolts are properly going in, ensure you are not applying excessive force to drive the screw in. If you find yourself applying unnecessary force, chances are that you are driving the screw in a wrong way. Stop before you go too far.

Step 4

 Make sure that you test your new thermostat before completely winding it up and assuming that all is right. If it is a car, give it a test race and watch the temperature gauge to ensure that the adjustable thermostat is regulating as it should. Some precaution should be taken to be certain that you do not turn the adjusting knob too much, as it may soon fail. The adjustment should be done with a lot of care and sensitivity.

Most of the adjustable thermostats produce some clicking sounds when they adjust. This can at least guide you into knowing whether your adjustable thermostat is still functional or not.