Installing an Aquaponics Air Pump

What You'll Need
Air pump
Check/gang valve
Control valve
Air nozzles

Aquariums are playing a vital role in decorating the home and installing an Aquaponics air pump is an option. Air pumps give a special glow to your aquarium. If you want to keep your fish fit, don’t let the tank’s water stagnate. Aquaponics air pumps produce currents in the tank as well as helps to maintaining the PH level. By doing this, you take a good step towards keeping your fish healthy.

Step 1 - Check the Size

Make sure of the size of the pump that is required for your aquarium’s size. The most potent model is required for an aquarium that will only use that one air pump as its single supply of filtration. If not, try this easy rule: an additional air pump is required for every additional item added to your aquarium.  

Step 2 - Check for Noise

Before getting an air pump, ask the sales clerk to demonstrate the air pump once, because some models are louder than others. Confirm that the air pump, when running, does not make so much noise.

Step 3 - Check the Accessories

Purchase air tubing and check the valve when you are buying an air pump. These tools will help you in getting the air pump to work. Make sure all accessories are the same number as the number of air nozzles on your air pump. If you want to increase the number of nozzles, get the control valve as well as additional nozzles. The sales clerk can assist you in making sure that you have all your required supplies.

Step 4 - Installation

Install the pump. Put the air pump towards the back of the aquarium, far from the lid. Don’t put it in an aquarium. Slide the wet air nozzles into the air hose and affix together. Check the valve in the air hose and push down a few inches away from the air pump. Make sure the check valve is not upturned.

Step 5 - Mounting of the Control Valve

Some Aquaponics don’t come with control valves so if it didn’t come with your model, don’t worry about it. Just skip this step and go to the next step. Hang it towards the backside of tank, you may cut the lid for space if there is any need. Pass the tube through the air pump to the valve that had been placed in the nozzle. Adjoin tubing to an output nozzle. Close all idle nozzles to stop air loss.

Step 6 - Set up Beneath Gravel Filter System

Now, install the accessories into the tank. If you were planning to set up the gravel filtration system, it must be done before moving on to accessories. Affix the ends of the air hose to the accessories. The power supplied to each item reacts inversely in proportion to the length of the air hose. If an air hose is longer, the power supplied to the item is less. Make sure the cord of the air pump, and the air pump itself is at a distance from the water. Put its cord in the drip circle then plug this in. Now, it will start working. If still there is any problem, make sure that the control valve nozzles are in its correct place. Also, check all tubing connections connected to the air pump.