Installing an Electric Fence Outrigger System

An electric fence outrigger system is very useful to prevent animals and people from leaning against your electric fence. Outriggers can be added easily to an existing electric fence. Learn more below about installing an outrigger system for your electric fence.

What Are Outriggers?

Outriggers are small looped segments of wire with an insulated end. These are placed along the fence at intervals of about 5 to 6 feet, and stick out beyond the electric fence. Use them on both sides if your fence faces a busy road, or just on the inside to keep animals from inadvertently being jolted by the fence. Once the outriggers have been installed for a certain time, the animals adjust their approach distance so they come only within a few inches of the outriggers instead of right to the fence links.

How to Install Outriggers

If your fence is not electrified, attach outriggers to each fence post and run the new electrified wire through the loops. If your fence is already electrified, attach the outriggers directly to the electric wire at intervals so they protrude beyond the electric wired portion of the fence. Add outriggers to your electric fence quickly at low cost, to provide safe and secure enclosure for your livestock.