Installing an Electric Heater

An electric heater is a great way to give your home supplementary heat. Installing a baseboard electric heater can give your room that extra bit of heat. If you live in an older home, without any heating ducts to some room, an electric heater will work just fine in there.

Choose a Location

Before installing your electric heater you will need to find a place that is well ventilated and free of any obstructions, or hanging items like drapes. Stay away from plumbing and other electrical wires.

Connect Wire

After you know where you are going to put the electric heater, then feed the wire that will power your heater to that area. It is important to get your wire as close as possible to the heater.

Connect New Breaker

Because the electric heater takes a big draw from the circuit breaker, you will want to connect the wire to a new breaker. This will give the heater its own circuit so it doesn't cause breakers to trip when it is running with something else.

Install Heater

Place the heater in the spot and connect the wire. Attach to the wall with the mounting brackets. Install the thermostat and test out the heater.