Installing an Electric Van Ramp Installing an Electric Van Ramp

What You'll Need
Electric Van Ramp
Other common tools (listed in the directions for the ramp assembly)
Your Van

If you need a van ramp installed, but you do not need to pay hundreds of dollars to have one installed. Instead, follow these steps to install it on your own. You are also able to make it electric so you can control it with buttons instead of by hand. You can find electric van ramps that are ready to be installed and sold in kits. These will be the easiest way to install your own.

Step 1: Check the Parts and Tools

You should make sure that you have all the tools needed for assembly, including all hardware that came in the kit. You will also want to have your electric van ramp laid out, so you have all the parts handy. Make sure you are working in an open space so you have enough room to install.

Step 2: Install Platform Bars

You should first install the bars for the platform. Screw those into the back or side of the doors. Once you have the bars installed, you can move on to the wiring.  

Step 3: Start Wiring

You want to make sure this is done correctly, so the ramp will be able to move up, as well as down smoothly. Connect the wires in the appropriate places, and make sure the bars move when you press the designated buttons. The wiring instructions will vary from model to model, so be sure to follow the manufacturers directions closely.

Step 4: Finish the Platform

Once the wiring and the bars are completely installed, continue with the platform. It should fit properly over both of the bars to ensure stability. You will want to screw the platform down tightly. Sit on the platform to make sure it will not tip or wiggle when weight is added to it.

Secure the bars on either side of the platform as well. This ensures that the platform will move up and down when the buttons are pressed. Once again, make sure these are securely tightened.

Step 5: Testing

Once you have installed all of the components together on your van, you will want to check them to ensure that they will be safe for you to use. You do not want a ramp that will jam, or break when you are trying to lower, or make it higher. Make sure you test it out with weight when you press the button. The ramp should move smoothly, and should not jerk when it is moving. If the ramp jerks, you should reattach the side bars, the screws may be out of place in the door way. You should also check the platform as well if there is a jerking feeling, the screws may be loose. 

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