Installing an Electric Water Heater Timer

water heater
  • 1 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 30-70

An electric water heater timer makes great financial sense. Water heaters will run all the time to keep your water hot. However, an electric water heater timer will only let the water heater run at specific times during the day. You can have it turn on in the morning for your shower and again at night for any hot water needs. There is no use in having your water heater running when you are not there.

Step 1 - Turn Off Power

Anytime you are working around an electric appliance you want to make sure it is either unplugged or the power has been turned off. Before doing anything to the water heater, turn the power off from the circuit breaker.

Step 2 - Mount Timer

Place the electric water heater timer in an area both where you can reach it easily and where the wires will be able to reach the power source. The wall would be the best anchoring point. Make sure the timer is level and plumb to ensure proper timing.

Step 3 - Connect Wires

Make sure you are going to have enough cord and cut the power wire to the water heater. Strip back the insulation covering of the wire and connect into the timer control. The screws should be clearly marked as to where you connect the wires. Connect the other wire going towards the water heater to the screws on the timer that are marked "To Water Heater".