Installing an Electric Water Pump in Your Yard

In earlier days, installing an electric water pump required professional assistance and this type of pump was a bit expensive, which made it hard for common people to afford. However nowadays the market is filled with cheap versions of electric water pumps that you can install yourself. A good water pump can help you to create a fountain or waterfall in your garden and enhance the aesthetic value of your property. Different pumps have different specifications, so purchase a water pump depending on the size of your garden and the amount of water it is going to regulate. The higher the amount of circulation, the better is the result for your garden or yard. Follow the steps below to install your own electric water pump.

Step 1- Connecting the Pump

In the first step of the installation process, make proper arrangements to connect the pump with the electric connection of the house, the wires should be kept outside the pond to avoid any mishap

Step 2 – Decide Type of Water Feature

The second important step is to decide which type of water feature you want to build in your garden.

  • If you want to build a water pond, place the pump in the center of the pond on a elevated surface like on the top of a brick or stone to ensure that the pump does not get clogged with debris which usually settle at the bottom of the pond.
  • If you want to build a fountain or waterfall in your garden, connect the pump to a small tub and cover the tub with a mesh. Then connect the tub with PVC pipes, which will allow water to rise out the pebbles, creating a perfect small waterfall in your garden.

Steps 3 – Installing Filter

Install a filter in the pump to avoid dirt getting into the pump motor.

Step 4 - Connecting the Filtered Hose

Connect the filtered hose of the pipe with that of the tub. Take extra care to use clean, de-chlorinated water for better results.

Besides a usual fountain or waterfall, you can also create other water features in your garden like cascades, a wishing well, etc. with the help of your electric water pump and enhance the overall beauty of your home and its surrounding areas.