Installing An Extra Deep Bathtub To Your Bathroom

Installing an extra deep bathtub may be the solution if your bathroom is way too small for a traditional sized tub. There are several types like a small claw foot or a traditional Oriental tub that will fit the bill allowing you the pleasure of a sit-down soak in a space where you might normally only install a shower. You will need to sit up in an extra deep bathtub because that’s how they are designed when there’s not enough room to lie down in a tub. It’s a fairly challenging project, so be prepared to learn a bit, get the right tools and proceed with caution and care.

Materials Needed:

•An extra deep bathtub
•1 1/2 –inch pipe
•3/8 –inch pipe
•Porcelain coasters
•Thread sealant
•Tape measure
•PVC saw
•PVC primer

Step 1 – Take Careful Measurements

You must take extremely careful measurements of the dimensions necessary to fit your extra deep bathtub. Do NOT order a tub – either online or in person – before making sure that particular tub is going to fit in the space you have allotted. If you are not sure about exactly how to take the measurements, consult a professional.

Step 2 – Cut Pipe

Cut a piece of 1 1/2-inch IPS pipe 1 1/2 inches long to use as a waste evacuation line in the flooring. Cut another 3/8 of an inch to use above the floor for your water supply.

Step 3 – Level the Floor

You may get lucky where your bathroom floor under the tub is already level. If not, employ porcelain coasters under the feet using varying thickness to achieve your needed results. These coasters are great for helping to stabilize the tub’s footing also.

Step 4 – Cut tubing, Tub Feet

Make sure you cut the drain and overflow tubing to the correct size. Also connect the tub feet making sure you have a secured assembly using the nuts and bolts provided with the tub when purchased.

Step 5 – Line Connections

After applying thread sealant to the connections, attach the overflow and waste assemblies to the 1 1/2 –inch pipe that comes out from the floor to the tub’s 1 3/8-inch waste assembly pipe. Connect the water supply lines to the tub faucet assembly using compression fittings. Make sure the lines thread perfectly looking for any leaks that need to be re-sealed.

Things to Remember

•Keep in mind that sitting in an extra deep bathtub is a different experience since the water line will more than likely be up to your neck. It is a pleasant experience nonetheless.

•You may need to acquire a larger hot water tank since an extra deep bathtub requires much greater volume of water to fill than a traditional sized tub. If you cannot provide enough hot water for your bathing experience then you will have to get used to soaking in but lukewarm water. Hopefully, the hot water tank already present in the hone will do the job.