Installing an IP Thermostat Controller

What You'll Need
IP thermostat controller
Matching thermostat
iPhone or iPod touch 2nd Gen
Computer with iPhone OS 3.0

If you are keen on modern technology, and want it in all parts of your home, then an IP thermostat controller might be the way to go. These little pieces of kit can control all types of Proliphix in home thermostats, and means that you can set the temperature of your home using your iPhone, an interesting advance in the Apple range of gadgets and gizmos. In order to install an IP thermostat controller, you will have to have a compatible thermostat, a piece of Apple software such as an iPhone, and also a computer. This is not a difficult install, so you should be fully able to fit this controller onto any piece of electrics you wish.

Step 1 - Get the Product Out

Once you have received your IP controller in the mail, you will need to strip down all the parts. There will be an attachment which will just clip on to your already-installed thermostat. In IP compatible digital thermostats there will usually be a port for such a controller, but if you don't spot one, then look in your manual for more details of how to place your thermostat technology into the thermostat itself.

Step 2 - Get the Attachment

You will now need to purchase the attachment from iTunes. Look for the label "IP Thermostat Controller by Our Home Spaces" or similar. Once you click on the product, it should download into your iPhone or iPod touch. To load, hit EDIT on your screen, and then press the + sign. This will allow you to add your thermostat device.

Step 3 - Adding Thermostats

If you have more than one thermostat, say one in your typical residence and another in a place of work, or a vacation home, then you can add these to the list by putting in your ID and password, and then choosing the configuration of your device from a list. This will then ask if you have the sensor attached. Once this is confirmed, the IP controller should take all the information from the sensor.

Step 4 - Using the Controller

Once you have installed your controller, you will have a series of pages on the app which will show you the thermostat which you are currently using. Details will be displayed such as temperature reading, heat and colling setting, and whether you are HOME or OUT or AWAY. This means that, if you are going on vacation, you can set the thermostat sensor to AWAY, and it will not come on. You will also have a separate alarm device, which will let you know if the temperature on your current thermostat is too high or too low. A second page will allow you to override the temperature previously set, so you can make your home warmer or cooler, depending upon what you want. Using the IP thermostat controller from your iPhone or iPod touch means that you can just walk into the home and trigger a temperature increase.