Installing An Outdoor Ceiling Fan Installing An Outdoor Ceiling Fan

In decks that have a solid roof, an outdoor ceiling fan is a great addition to keep the air moving and things cooled off. Installing an outdoor ceiling fan does require working with electricity and running wires. If you do not feel comfortable with this part, then hire an electrician to run the wires. However, you should not be intimidated by electrical wiring.

Run Wires and Install Electrical Box

Before installing the outdoor ceiling fan, you will have to find a place to mount it. After you know where you want to place the fan, then trace the outline of the electrical box in the roofing. If you have exposed beams then you can just mount the box to the joists. Run the wires from the power source, this can be an outlet, or the main breaker, to the switch for the ceiling fan. Connect the wire and then run another set to the ceiling fan box.

Assemble Fan

Most of the time ceiling fans do not come assembled. You will have to assemble the blades, and if an option on your fan, the lighting fixture.

Install Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Once you have the fan assembled, then mount the base to the electrical box and make the wire connections. Secure it tight to the box so the fan will not shake.

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