Installing an Outdoor Pole Light Installing an Outdoor Pole Light

What You'll Need
Outdoor Post Lighting
Shovel (For Digging The Lightings Foundation)
Instructions (Provided In Lighting Kit)


Getting an outdoor pole light is a great way to light up the exterior of you home as well as promote your favorite cause. Whether you are flying an American flag, flying your school colors, or simply displaying a colorful banner an outdoor pole light will provide more than enough illumination to suit your needs. These low voltage lights are often easier to install than a ceiling fan and do not even have to be connected to your home’s electrical grid. They can run on solar powered LED’s that collect the sun’s energy and store it in a rechargeable battery that powers the light. The best part is that these types of lights do not even need to be turned on. They automatically come on at dusk. A poll light can do more than illuminate a flag as well. Since these lights often come on extended poles, they can provide full coverage to your yard for a more secure environment.

Step 1: Digging the Base

To properly install outdoor pole lighting you need to do a little light excavation work first. You need to dig a big enough hole that will support the post with the light on top. Using concrete to steady the post means less of the pole will need to be below ground. Dig a hole 18 inches deep and about 12 inches wide in the area where you plan to put the pole.

Step 2: Pouring Concrete

Pour enough concrete into the hole that it is filled to the brim. It is best to use a solar powered light so you will not need to run any electrical wiring up the pole. A solar powered light will also charge itself and does not need to be turned on from inside the house. Follow the instructions that come with the concrete to insure it is mixed to the proper consistency. Do not pour the concrete unless you are immediately ready for step three, as the pole needs to go into the concrete before it sets.

Step 3: Install the Pole

Slide the pole into the still wet concrete until it reaches the bottom of the hole. The pole should come as part of an outdoor post lighting kit. It is important to install he pole immediately after pouring the concrete to insure that the concrete is not too hard. Make sure the pole is sticking straight up once installed in the concrete. It should be perpendicular to the ground. Allow ample time for the concrete to dry after installing the pole.

Step 4 : Install the Lighting Fixture

Use a ladder to reach the top of the pole and install the lighting fixture as the instructions with the kit indicate. Allow for plenty of time in the direct sunlight for the solar cells to charge the battery. Once charged, the light will come on at dusk and is virtually maintenance free.

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