Installing and Maintaining a Fireplace Candelabra

Installing and maintaining a fireplace candelabra is a good alternative to using a gas-powered fireplace. Throughout the years, the fireplace has became the place where the family gathers. Today, the need to heat a room with open wood fire is no longer necessary they are now used as decorative features. Using a fireplace candelabra can provide that cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

Easy Installation

Fireplace candelabras come in a variety of sizes and widths. Installation is simply placing the candelabra inside the fireplace where it will produce that warm and flickering glow. Depending on the size of your fireplace and the candelabra, they may sit in front of your fireplace grate, while others are placed directly inside designed to take op the entire space.

No Hassle Maintenance
Wax drippings are the most common maintenance issue. Although wax drippings along the vertical shaft of candle holders sometimes adds to the allure of the holder, wax drippings will need to be removed from the floor surface of your fireplace by scraping its off with a putty-knife type instrument. Then wipe up any remaining residue with an appropriate cloth and general cleaner to get rid of any remaining wax particles. The candelabra itself may require occasional polishing.

A Décor Accent
Your fireplace candelabra will be available in a variety of designs from contemporary to antique. Many are actual art pieces and can be found at craft shows as well as fireplace equipment retail sources.

Candle Selection
Using a fireplace candelabra will allow for accenting color and smell which can be especially appealing during end-of-year holiday season. Much like tabletop scented candles, candelabra candles also are available in scented varieties that can fill the room with your personally selected aromas.

Add Ambience
Fireplace candelabras are great devices to use even in fully functional wood fireplaces since heating is not the main function but an occasional wood fire is wanted. Yet, unlike a wood fire, the use of a fireplace candelabra can help add different accents and ambience by following these suggestions:

  • Reflect the flickering candlelight by placing a mirror underneath.

  • Cover the entire fireplace floor surface area with aluminum foil. Crinkle the foil before installing to gain a different effect.

  • Place a sheet of unframed mirror against the back wall if the fireplace that will reflect candlelight into the room while displaying the illusion of twice as many candles present.

  • Place a cookie sheet or other metal cooking-friendly tray filled with colored glass pebbles underneath your fireplace candelabra. Pile more glass pebbles along the edge of the tray to hide its appearance.