Installing and Wiring an LED Christmas Tree

LED Christmas tree lights give a much better, purer light than the older incandescent types. They’ve become more popular in recent years, although they’re still a great deal more expensive. Although LED Christmas lights install in much the same way as incandescent lights, it’s important to know the proper way to install and use them.


You can connect strings of LED Christmas lights to each other, just as you would with traditional lights. Start from the top of the tree and work downward. You don’t need the lights bunched together, so allow a good gap between each one. Run the string close to the end of each branch of the Christmas tree; this will allow the lights to be seen more easily.

When you reach the end of the first string, attach the next string at the plug, as you would with incandescent lights. Continue to wind the string downward around the tree. Add a third string when needed. You should not go beyond 3 strings of lights on a circuit. As you come close to the end of the third string, make sure that the plug can reach an extension cord that’s plugged into the mains. You can wind this extension cord up around the Christmas tree trunk.

Extra Strings

If you need more than three strings of LED Christmas light, lay the first light near the last light of the third string and continue winding the string down around the tree. After 3 more strings, attach to another extension cord. This will stop you putting too much on each circuit. Continue in this manner until you have lights all over the Christmas tree.

Extension Cords

You may have two or more extension cords. These should be plugged into a fused power strip that will then be plugged into an outlet. This makes it much easier to switch all the lights on and off together, and it provides an extra level of safety.

Using the Lights

You can’t mix LED and incandescent lights on a tree, but you can mix constant and flashing LED lights to create an interesting effect. The best way to do this is to experiment before you place any ornaments on the tree, so you can easily make adjustments.

Don’t be afraid to alter the positions of the lights once they’re on the tree and lit. If you make them the first thing you put on the Christmas tree then moving them is quite easy. Unlike incandescent lights, LED Christmas lights don’t become hot, meaning they can be placed in more places without worry. However, that doesn’t mean they should be left on when you’re out. Always turn off the Christmas lights when you leave home.


Like other lights, LED Christmas lights do have fuses on either side of the plug. You will need to pry off the covers for these. The fuses are often small pieces of wire. Where the wire melts, the current will be cut off, so there’s no danger of fire through overheating in the wires.