Installing Aux Audio Input: Fitting the Input Jack Installing Aux Audio Input: Fitting the Input Jack

What You'll Need
Screw drivers (Phillips / Flat)
Panel tools
Putty knife

Digital sound coming from an iPod or MP3 player is incomparable and it is made possible by an aux audio input on your car stereo. Many people of today enjoy MP3 players and iPods because of the variety of sounds it can store. If your car stereo does not have an aux audio, it is possible to have one installed. Following the guidelines below will make things easy for you provided that you have the appropriate tools for the task.

Step 1 – Removing of Trim Panels

Generally the radio is held with 4 sets of bolts into the dash. They are situated within the radios’ perimeter behind the panels covering your cars’ dashboard. Strip the trim panels off the dashboard carefully. Do this using the panel tool or alternatively a putty knife with thin blade. The screws securing the radio will then be exposed. It will be a good idea to read the instruction manual of your car in removing the radio before commencing your activity.

Step 2 – Dismounting of the Factory Radio

The second thing that you will have to do is to dismount the radio from the cars’ dashboard. The precise method of removing the stock radio from your cars’ dashboard is dependent on the model, make and the year the vehicle was manufactured. If your car is equipped with a CD changer, unplug it behind the radio. This cable can be easily identified because it is similar in shape and size with that of the aux audio input adapter. This can be convenient. 

Step 3 – Working on the Connections

On the dash’s opening, feed the cable where you will plug the devices with into the dash’s opening where the radio was pulled out. Work on it at the dashboard’s back where you want the devices to be connected. For the cable’s end, usually the ideal spot is the glove box. While it is open, push down the cable until the end is visible. Get hold of it and pull it through.

Step 4 – Placing the Converter Box in Place

Set the converter box of the aux audio input adapter on the opening for the radio. Get it out of the radio’s way. Usually, there is a space at the back or below where the radio is fitted. 

Step 5 – Plugging the Aux Audio Input Adapter

Have the aux audio input adapter plugged behind the radio using the plug that is connected on the converter box. Cautiously reinstall the radio back in place at the dash’s opening.

Step 6 – Testing the Aux Audio and Reinstalling the Dash Panel

Before you reinstall the dash panel, first you have to test if your aux audio input installation was successful. If difficulties arise, do some trouble shooting using the manual as reference. If all goes well, reinstall the dash panel and reinforce it with an appropriate adhesive if necessary.

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