Installing Baseboards: How to Caulk between Baseboards

What You'll Need
Caulking gun
Silicone caulk
Utility knife
Oil-free soap

Installing baseboards is done to finish an edge of a wall where it meets the floor and ceiling. They are also a decorative element. This space, that installing baseboards covers, is slightly detached from the home. This allows air to enter the home as well as escape. Installing baseboards and caulking them will prevent this escape of air. The following article will show you how.

Step 1 – Clean the Baseboards

Silicone caulk will not properly adhere to wood if the wood is dirty. Add a few drops of the soap to warm water. Submerge a sponge and then squeeze out the excess water. Wipe down the baseboards and allow them to dry.

Step 2 – Load the Caulk

Remove the top of the silicone caulk with a utility knife. Remove it on a 45-degree angle. Load it into the caulking gun.

Step 3 – Caulk

Apply a bead of caulk along the top and bottom of the baseboard. You do not want a thick line of caulk, as installing baseboards is a decorative and functional choice, it should not be messy.

Step 4 – Smooth the Caulk

Wet your finger with some water. Drag it over the wet silicone. This will indent the silicone and create a clean edge.