Installing Basic Window Blinds

What You'll Need
Window blinds
Drill or Screwdriver
Step ladder

Window blinds make a wonderful window covering by filtering out the light and adding a sense of privacy. There are several different types, and styles of blinds for your windows. The two basic ones are vertical blinds and horizontal blinds.

The vertical blinds are most generally in the form of long slats that pivot open or close. They are predominately used on large window and sliding glass doors. Horizontal blinds are the most commonly used blind for regular windows.

The installation of window blinds is an easy home do it yourself project. Very basic hand tools and a little focus on detail and you can install a blind fairly quickly.


Step One - Mark for Drilling

Blinds are usually installed on the inside of the window frame. You can install them on the outside, but it will lose its finished look. Installing on the inside of the frame leaves room for a curtain to be installed without having to be wrapped around the blinds.

Open the box the blinds came in and locate the mounting hardware. Depending on the product you have, the mounting brackets will be slightly different. However, most are shaped like cubes with an open side. Locate the bracket on the inside of the frame and mark the bottom edge of the brackets. Get a level long enough and line up the marks to check if they are level. If not, then adjust either up or down. Replace the brackets and mark the holes for drilling.

Step Two - Drill Holes and Install Brackets

Drill the holes for the two mounting brackets. Once you have drilled the holes, then install the bracket with the supplied screws. Repeat the process with the other side of the window frame.

Step Three - Install Blind

After the brackets are in place, you will now lift the blind and slide into the opening in the bracket. There will be a small clip that you slide into the opening to keep the blind in place. If your brackets are different then follow the direction supplied.

Some blind kits will have a valance supplied with it. This valance will stick onto the top of the blinds headrailing to hide the mounting hardware. Peel back the adhesive tape and stick to the headrail. Peel back the paper on the other side and stick the valance to the headrail itself.

Step Four - Secure Blind to Window Sill

The last step in installing your blind is to secure the bottom of the blind to the window sill. Place the brackets on the sill and line up with the bottom of the blind. Mark the holes and drill them. Attach with the supplied screws and click the blinds into the bracket. Now, when the window is opened the blind will not move back and forth.