Installing Blind Rivets Installing Blind Rivets

What You'll Need
Blind rivets
Drill and drill bit
Rivet gun
Safety glasses

Blind rivets are tubular rivets with a mandrel at the center. It is commonly used when access to the joint is available only on one side. Blind rivets are also often used to temporarily line up holes. Installing blind rivets is quite easy.

Step 1 - Preparing the Drill

Before you start, it is important that you wear your safety glasses to prevent any untoward accidents. Use a drill bit that is equal to that of the blind rivet and place it on the drill. So if you are using a blind rivet with a 1/8 inch diameter you need a 1/8 drill bit.

Step 2 - Drilling the Hole

Once you have installed the right drill bit onto the drill, make the hole onto the material or surface that needs riveting. This is to be done so that you can plave the blind rivet.

Step 3 - Placing the Blind Rivet

Place the blind rivet’s mandrel into the hole you drilled. Using a rivet gun, secure the rivet in place. To use the rivet gun, pull the handles together and release it until you hear the blind rivet’s mandrel popping from the rivet’s body. Once you have released the handles of the rivet gun, tilt the gun towards the floor so you can release the mandrel of the blind rivet from the rivet gun.

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