Installing a Clay Tile Roof

Curved clay roof tiles.

Homes with barrel clay tile roofs have great curb appeal. These rounded, clay tiles have been used throughout the centuries on homes throughout the world. Clay tile roofs are very durable and will last a long time, however, the installation process can be labor intensive and demanding. Clay tiles can be installed in a few different ways. You can nail them to wood battens, nail them directly into the roof itself, or use a mortar application.

Step 1 - Lay Down Roofing Felt

To begin installing the clay tile roofs, you must lay down a protective barrier of 43lb. roofing felt. Lay this out in one continuous strip, overlapping each new row by 7 inches.

Step 2 - Install Flashing

Before laying anything down onto the roof, make sure you have your flashing installed. This will go around any edges and valley.

Step 3 - Layout Chalk Lines

A clay tile roof.

Make perfect measurements to ensure proper, and straight installation. Lay chalk lines both horizontally and vertically to ensure you stay with your design.

Step 4 - Install Tile

Place a copper nail in the specified area that the instructions call for. Follow your design, keeping measurements accurate, until you have finished the roof.