Installing Brick Cladding

What You'll Need
Bricks (full and half)
Construction adhesive
Tile cutter
Mortar mix for brick masonry projects
Bucket and mixing devices
Wet sponge

Brick cladding, also known as brick veneer or face brick, is a non-structural type of exterior or interior design element. It can be used to enhance the appearance of walls or provide an old-fashioned and stately appearance. Fortunately, brick cladding is much easier to install than a brick structural wall, and it often does not require major renovations or modifications to your home.

Step 1 - Plan the Layout of the Cladding

Before you begin to attach any brick whatsoever, you should determine how you'll install the veneer on the wall. You can attach the brick cladding to the surface of most walls, though you should take care to ensure the wall will support the weight of the brick before you begin. It's also a good idea to begin the project at one of the bottom corners of the area that will contain the cladding.

Step 2 - Lay the Brick on the Side of the Wall

Begin by laying the brick on the side of the area for the cladding. Start by applying a small amount of construction adhesive (a layer about 1/4 inch thick) on the back of a full brick and press the brick firmly into the wall. Apply pressure for about 10 seconds. Ensure the brick is firmly attached to the wall before you continue.

Leave a 1/4-inch space on all sides of each brick. Continue by placing a half brick directly above the first brick and flush against the side of the brick cladding area. Apply construction adhesive in the same way. Alternating full and half bricks, repeat this process up the side of the wall.

Step 3 - Fill in Remaining Bricks

Once the side of the wall is complete, finish the bottom of the wall. Beginning from the first brick and continuing outward from there, fill in the bottom line. Be sure to leave appropriate space between each brick you lay.

Step 4 - Mix and Lay Mortar

Mix the mortar in the bucket according to the instructions. Use the trowel to layer the mortar between each of the joints that separate the bricks. The mortar should come up to the level of the brick but not stick out between two bricks.

Step 5 - Clean the Brick Cladding

Before the mortar dries, use the wet sponge to clean off any mortar that may have spilled or overflowed from between the brick cladding. Allow the entire wall to dry for several days before you touch it again.