Installing Brick Driveway Columns

What You'll Need
Concrete Slab
Spirit Level

A brick driveway column is a very easy structure to build and it will add extra interest to any driveway. It's possible to build these brick columns at a variety of different heights for different looks and purposes. While this article is looking at using brick columns for driveways, it's also possible to use them as porch decorations or pillars in gardens.

It's actually very affordable and easy to build your own brick columns on your drive. It shouldn't cost any more than $50 to complete and should only take a couple of hours. What's more you probably already have all of the tools required to complete the project.

Step 1 - Preparation

First you need to prepare the area of your drive where you want to build the brick column. The method of preparation will depend mainly on the type of drive you already have. If you are in the process of constructing the drive then you will simply need to rake the bare ground to get rid of any stones or pebbles. If you already have a paved drive then you will need to remove the bricks on the drive and then level the ground underneath. Use a tamper to compress the ground underneath.

Step 2 - Building the Base

The base needs to be constructed on the ground using some bricks. Make sure that this is laid out as an open square and that it's level. Check the level by using a spirit level. If the layer isn't perfectly level then this can be leveled by tapping with a rubber mallet.

Step 3 - Mortar

A layer of mortar should be applied onto the first layer of bricks, place the mortar in the center of the bricks with a gap right the way around the edge. This will allow plenty of room for the mortar to be squashed out.

Step 4 - Building the Column

Press the second layer of bricks into the mortar, make sure that the bricks are perfectly level before you put any more mortar or bricks onto the column. Once the bricks are perfectly level and you're happy with it you can then repeat the whole process until the brick column has been built and is as tall as you like. If any excess mortar has been pushed out of the joints then this should be scraped off to be removed. A trowel can be used to scrape away any excess mortar and to tidy up the look of your banished brick column.

Step 5 - Finishing the Column

Once the column is at the height you want you should then finish it off. The top layer needs to be fixed on with some mortar. A concrete slab or similar top piece can be fixed onto this. The slab should either be the same size as the column or slightly bigger. Then any mortar can be touched up and cleaned off using a trowel, ensure that none of the mortar looks untidy or messy.