Installing Caster Camber Plates

What You'll Need
Caster Camber Plates
Floor Jack
Jack Stands
Ratchet Wrench and Sockets
Allen Wrench
Open End Wrench
Impact Wrench
Air Compressor

Installing a set of caster camber plates will give you great control over how your car will handle. With these caster camber plates, you will be able to easily adjust the caster and the camber of your suspension for incredible grip in corners, and better handling at higher speeds.

Step 1: Jack Up Front End of Car

Use a floor jack to raise the front end of the car in the air. Place a pair of jack stands under the vehicle, to hold the car securely.

Step 2: Remove Front Wheels

Using a lug wrench, or air powered impact wrench, remove the front wheels. Set aside and out of the way.

Step 3: Jack Up Suspension

Place the jack under the suspension, and raise it until it touches the control arm.

Step 4: Install Caster Camber Plates

Unbolt the top alignment plate, as well as the upper strut bolt. You need to use an impact wrench for this. Remove the upper bushing and alignment plate. Slowly lower the jack, and remove the strut top. Install the caster camber plate and secure it loosely in place.

Step 5: Replace Strut

Guide the strut through the hole in the camber plate and jack the assembly back up to compress the spring. Tighten the strut into place, and secure the bolts holding the caster camber plate. Adjust to where you want it, and replace the tire. Repeat with the opposite side.