Installing Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles can give any home a rustic feel. They also add long term protection and added insulation. Cedar remains one of the most popular wood materials used for shingles. Here’s what you need to know about installing them.

Calculate the Amount Needed

You don’t want to end up purchasing too few or too many shingles when you are installing a cedar shingle roof. To find the right amount needed you will calculate the footage in sections. Measure the width then the bottom edge to the peak. Multiply the two numbers together. This is the amount of coverage you will need in square feet. You will perform this formula for each section of your roof. Add ten percent to your figures to cover waste and errors.

Installing over Existing Shingles
Unless the shingles you have are badly damaged, or you have three layers or more, you don’t need to remove the old shingles to install new cedar shingles. Make sure the existing shingles are nailed down well and you aren’t missing any shingles. This will provide you an even surface for the new ones.

Installation Process

The installation process for cedar shingles is much like the process for any other shingles. You want to start the installation on the bottom edge and overlap as you work your way up.