Installing Ceiling Crown Molding In 7 Steps

Installing ceiling crown molding wall adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room. Doing the job yourself allows for that creative interior decorator inside you to emerge and experiment with style, color and different wood finishes. Let your imagination go when using ceiling crown molding and don’t stick to traditional white painted presentations. Brightly painted molding against a whitewall is a stunning effect. This is a challenging do-it-yourself project but, with a little patience, the right tools and proper knowledge, you can accomplish the installation of decorative crown ceiling molding that will add to the overall ambience of the room.

Materials Needed:

•Molding cut to the specs for the room
•Power miter saw
•Coping Saw
•Fence clamps
•Hot gun with glue
•Hammer with finishing nails

Step 1 – Measurements

Take careful measurements of the room where you will install the molding making sure to measure each wall at the top. Don’t get lazy thinking you can get away with measuring the bottom lines. They may be off. Make sure to add an additional six inches to your requirements for each corner.

Step 2 – Cut Scarf Joints

Scarf joints are the ends of molding butting together when more than one piece is needed to cover the lengthy of a wall. Trim the end of each piece at a 45-degree angle to make sure they snap together flush.

Step 3 – Measure Outward Facing Corners

You’ll need to take careful measurements of any outward facing corners by laying a scrap piece of wood along each wall marking where they overlap. Then draw a diagonal line to make a 45-degree angle. Cut the scrap wood along the line and set these against the wall checking the fit. Once you’ve determine the correct fit choosing the right angle cut on the scrap wood test, cut the same way for two intersecting lines of molding. Make sure the angles are cut in the opposite direction as opposed to the scarf angles that are cut in the same direction.

Step 4 – Inner Corners

You need to pay careful attention when cutting molding to fit an inner corner. One piece of molding needs to sit flat against the wall while the second piece is cut at a 45-degree angle. After you get this angle cut, use a coping saw reducing the bevel at about a 5-degree angle.

Step 5 – Test the Fit

Before installing the ceiling crown molding, make sure to test each corner fit to ensure you have the proper cuts. Make any necessary cut adjustments before proceeding.

Step 6 – Glue the Corners

Glue the corner edges where they meet with your hot gun. Be careful not to over glue each corner. If so, clean away the excessive glue immediately before proceeding.

Step 7 – Nail It Down

Install the ceiling crown molding by nailing it securely to the wall with finishing nails.

Tips to Remember

•Measure carefully. Remember the age old adage; Measure twice. Cut once.

•Paint or stain the molding before installation allowing ample dry time before handling, Go back after installation to touch up any nail head spots.