Installing Ceramic Tile Over Vinyl Step-By-Step

Installing a ceramic tile over vinyl can be tricky and challenging. However, vinyl floors tend to wear quicker than stone and are hard to maintain. They can get easily stained accumulating dirt becoming unsightly. Adding ceramic tile over your vinyl will make the cleaning job easier while providing a more aesthetically appealing look.

Materials Needed:

•Ceramic tile
•Concrete backerboard
•Thinset concrete adhesive
•Thinset tile adhesive
•Tile spacers
•Circular saw
•Grout float
•Tile and grout sealer

Step 1 – Select Your Tile

The amount of ceramic tile available in today’s building construction industry is considerable. There’s little time to examine all that is available. However, surf the Net to do your research starting with the colors and types of patterns that appeal to you. Check the tile out in person to make sure the color that attracted you when viewing online is the color you find in the showroom. If possible, buy a single sample tile of each you like to bring these home to eye them in the environment where you will install the ceramic tile floor.

Step 2 – Measure the Room

Take accurate measurements so you can determine the amount of tile to purchase. Always buy a little more – 10 to 15 percent – to use in case of mistakes or future repair needs.

Step 3 – Lay Down Backerboard

You cannot install ceramic tile directly over vinyl so first you need to lay down a concrete backerboard if you do not or are unable to remove the vinyl flooring. Apply enough thinset concrete adhesive to create a strong bond between the backerboard and the vinyl floor beneath it.

Step 4 - Mix Adhesive

Mix your ceramic tile adhesive according to the manufacturer’s directions. Plan to use a moderately thick coat of adhesive when installing tile but do not mix up too much at a time because it will harden after 10 minutes and become useless.

Step 5 – Place Tiles on Adhesive

Working in a 15 square foot area, apply adhesive to the backer board with a trowel and then firmly place your ceramic floor tile on to the adhesive using a firm circular pressing down motion to ensure a proper bond. Use spacers to form grout lines between tiles. Start laying tile in the center of the room working toward either wall. If possible, avoid the need to cut tiles to make a complete row to the wall edge. If not possible, you will have to mark each wall edge tile for cutting. Use a circular saw to make the necessary cuts. Be sure to sand away any sharp edges after cutting.

Tips to Remember

•Do not install ceramic floor tile directly over vinyl because it may become loose, peel and ruin your flooring efforts.

•Remember to always measure twice and cut once to ensure little waste and error.

•Wear protective eye goggles and gloves.

•Clean up any excessive adhesive that spills onto the ceramic tile top surface immediately using warm water and a mild detergent.