Installing Chain Link Fence Slats

What You'll Need
Locking slat
Plastic fence slats


You can use chain link fence slats to enhance privacy, keeping prying eyes out while keeping your pets safely inside the perimeter. Slats forms a visual barrier and protects the yard from intruders. Follow the simple steps below to effectively install your own slats.

Step 1: Sliding The Slat Into The Column

Slide down the vinyl slat from the top of the chain link fence such that locking notch remains at the top of the fence. The slat must slide into the column of open links which are formed by the chain link mesh. Then the slat will automatically slide into the column. Do not try to unite the slat between the chain link mesh.

Step 2: Aligning

Next, slide the slat to the bottom of the fence, and continue to install the slats until one section of fence is ready. Check if all the notches at the top of the fence slats are aligned horizontally.

Step 3: Threading

Start threading the locking slat through the notches in the fence slats from the first row of the chain link fence, such that it must pass through each slat and lock in place. Continue this method to install vertical slats and locking slat pieces until you complete installation.