Installing Chair Rail: Mistakes to Avoid

The purpose of installing chair rail is to protect the wall from marks and damage to the paint job cased by the back of chairs. The friction between the backs of chairs and the walls settles on this part, hence reducing the rate of constant repairs needed for the walls. In addition, it has an aesthetic value, as it seems to belt a bare wall. For that reason, avoid using two or several pieces to cover a wall because the seams will be visible. If a ring piece is not available, the joint should be on the part that is away from plain view so that the aesthetic value is not lost due to the visibility of joints.

Fix it on a Firm Surface

Use a stud finder to find the right points to nail the chair rail. If you fix it on weak points, it will warp easily or the backs of chairs will bring it down quickly.

Find the Right Height

If you install it too high, it will not have any effect and the back of chair will continue to damage the wall as if there is no chair rail installed. The appropriate height is 32 to 36 inches.