Installing Corrugated Metal Roofing: 5 Tips

The installation of corrugated metal roofing is critical for the proper function and visual appearance of the finished roof assembly. Corrugated metal roofing has recently seen a growing popularity in industrial, commercial and residential applications and its installation does not require the services of a professional home builder. Here are 5 tips which you might find useful if you plan to tackle the job yourself.

Tip 1 - Calculations

Remember to subtract 1 inch around the perimeter of each panel when calculating your roof coverage area to allow for the sheets to overlap.

Tip 2 - Installation

The corrugated metal panels are installed directly onto the plywood sheathing which is covered with standard felt roofing paper.

Tip 3 - Overlap

Start at the eave and work your way up toward the ridge. Overlap the upper sheet over the lower sheet by about 1 inch. Align and overlap the adjacent sheet by covering the first full “hump”. Some manufacturers require that the seams of each successive row are staggered.

Tip 4 - Nailing

Use 3 inch galvanized roofing nails to install each sheet. Nail through the raised “hump” and use about 20 nails per sheet.

Tip 5 - Ridges

Be sure to install ridge caps along the ridge, the side edges and at the eaves to prevent penetration by the elements.