Installing Corrugated Plastic Roofing: Two Tips

If you are planning to install plastic roofs for your patio or porch, then corrugated plastic roofing would be the best option. You can do this yourself with ease and do not need the help of a contractor.

Some things to keep in mind while installing corrugated plastic roofing are:

1. Prerequisites before installation

Make sure that all preparatory work is done before you start with the installation process. See to it that the arbor is well built with supporting rafters on top where you plan to have your corrugated roof. Make sure the header beam at the bottom of the rafter is fastened to the post with a metal post securely; and the top header beam with ledge is anchored well to the existing structure with extension bolts.

Ensure that the cross braces or blocks are installed between the rafters using galvanized nails. Closure strips have to be installed on the cross braces which will support the roofing panels. The closure strips have to be fastened to the cross braces and the vertical round molding strips should be installed on top of the rafters using galvanized screws.

2. Install the corrugated roof

You need to drill pilot holes before installing the panels. It is highly recommended to use corrugated fasteners instead of regular screws. If the panels overlap seal it with silicone caulk to avoid leaks. You can also fix end wall flashing to show a distinction between the house and the roof.