Installing Crown Molding: Nailing Mistakes to Avoid Installing Crown Molding: Nailing Mistakes to Avoid

The process of installing crown molding is not overly difficult. The job calls for precision and care. As long as you move slowly and follow some basic steps, you should manage to accomplish the work on your own. The final step is to nail the crown molding to the wall. Let us outline some commonly made nailing mistakes that you should try to avoid.

Not Applying Wood Glue in Conjunction with the Nails

Some people tend to nail the crown molding directly to the wall. This is a mistake, because while doing so, you have a large probability of slightly moving or tilting the molding. It is best to apply some wood glue on the back of the molding, so that it will hold better in place while you hammer the finish nails.

Applying Too Much Strength When Using the Hammer

When nailing the crown molding in place, you should just tap the hammer. If you exert too much strength you may easily split or damage the molding.

The Distance Between One Nail and Another

If you allow too much distance between one nail and another, the crown molding will, most probably, not be fastened well enough. If there is more than 1 foot in between, you will need to hammer another nail for better security.

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