Installing Custom Wood Shutters Installing Custom Wood Shutters

What You'll Need
Custom wood shutters and hanging strips
Power drill and screws
Button plugs
Magnetic catches
An assistant to help

Custom wood shutters have a number of benefits over other types of window trimmings. Wood is an excellent material to use for shutters, as it not only provides aesthetic benefits, but it's also durable, easy to paint to match the rest of your home, and less expensive than other types of shutters. By customizing the design of your shutters, you can tailor their appearance even more accurately to ensure that they perfectly complement the style of your house. Read on for a brief guide on how to install custom wood shutters in your home.

Step 1 - Test the Shutters for Fit

Before you go about installing the shutters or making any holes with the drill, it's important to check the shutters for proper fit over your windows. Do this one at a time by holding the shutters up against the outer portion of the window. Use the level to help ensure that the shutter is even, and be sure to test it to make sure that it will open and close properly. An assistant can help to hold up the shutters or confirm that they appear as they should.

Step 2 - Trace the Shutter Outline

When you've found the perfect alignment and location for your shutters, use the pencil to note where the shutter is so that you can put it back in that place easily. You can do this by tracing the outline of the shutter onto the area around the window with a pencil. Make a light enough marking that you won't cause damage to the surrounding wood, but ensure that you'll be able to see it when you go to install the shutters.

Step 3 - Set Up the Hanging Strips

The hanging strips should come mounted to the shutters. Remove them by taking out the hanging pins and then pulling them off of the shutters. Place the hanging strips along the wall where the shutter will be mounted and then screw them into place using the drill.

Step 4 - Mount the Shutters

Use the hanging pins to reattach the shutters to the hanging strips. The pins should fit back into place as they were before you removed them to install the hanging strips on the wall.

Step 5 - Install Magnetic Catches

Apply self-adhering magnetic catches to the top and bottom of each panel in the corner. This will help to ensure that the shutters will stay closed when you want them to.

Step 6 - Fill in Screw Holes

Use button plugs to fill in the screw holes. Simply push the button plugs into the holes made by the screws to eliminate the appearance of irregularities in the shutters. Test the shutters to be sure that they will open and close properly.

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