Installing Door Sweeps: 4 Tips

red door with greenery to the left

Door sweeps help to get rid of cold drafts you may feel on the floor around the door. They close the space at the bottom of the door and keeps the weather elements from coming inside. The door does not have to be removed for a door sweep to be attached. The sweep has a brush or is padded, and as the door closes the brush contacts the threshold edges. Installing door sweeps are easy and cost efficient. They come in two basic types, metal and vinyl. Some door sweeps come with a retractable spring loaded mechanism to open and close the door. The sweep naps the material down once the door is closed but retracts when the door is open.

Determine the Door Sweep Length Needed

The bottom of the door will need to be measured in order to determine the length you will need. If a door sweep will be installed on each door, they will need to be measured separately since the sizes vary. The door sweep may have to be adjusted. If this is the case, a vinyl door sweep can simply be cut with a strong pair of scissors. A metal door sweep will need to be cut with a hacksaw.

Determine the Correctness of Door Sweep Installation

The screws can be tightened or loosened to determine how far up or down the door sweep will need to be moved. If there is no light able to be seen coming in under the door, the installation will be correct. There should not be too much resistance as the door opens. If there is too much of a drag, it will cause premature wear on the door sweep strip.

Avoid Moisture

Depending on the material, try to avoid putting door sweeps on areas that are highly exposed to moisture. Also try to use the door sweeps on doors in areas that are not highly susceptible to a lot of wear and tear.

Do Not Install on Push Side

Do not install the door sweep on the push side of the door.