Installing Double Pane Windows In 6 Steps

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What You'll Need
Double pane window assembly
Portable drill
Putty knife
Caulking (latex)

Installing double pane windows is not a difficult task depending upon where the windows are located. It could be a dangerous job if located on an upper level or in an out-of-the-way area like a roof gable. When installing any window it is recommended to have a helper to ensure ease of operation and safety also. A two-person job will help to maneuver a window into place and ensure it is level and straight. Follow these instructions so you will have a successful do-it-yourself project.

Measure for Fit

Always measure your new window frame and the window opening to make sure the new double pane window will line up and fit snugly. Remove any old caulking or glue with a putty knife before installing the new window. If installing a used window, make sure it is also free of old glue and caulking that might prevent it from obtaining a good fit.

Mark with a Taped ‘X’

Tape an “X” on both sides of the window for safety purposes. Although this will not prevent the glass from breaking, in the event there is an accident, the taped “X” will help to contain some of the glass shards helping clean-up and preventing personal bodily harm.

Caulk Frame

caulking around a window

Using a latex-based caulking compound, run a bead along the entire frame to ensure an airtight, waterproof fit.

Install Window

Carefully maneuver the window holding it by the frame into the window opening space. Be careful and cautious. Make sure to use a helper when conducting this task to ensure safety and ease of operation. This is the step where improper handling can either lead to an accident causing broken glass that will need to be replaced, or faulty installation resulting in a crookedly aligned window. Once in the window space, have one person hold it in place while the other inserts each screw that accompanied the window hardware with a portable drill. Do not over-tighten the screws but do make sure they are snuggly attached.

Window Trim

Either replace the original window trim or install new trim of your choice. It is recommended you paint or stain any new trim if being used before installation. Make sure to cover any screw or nailhead holes with wood putty. Once dried, sand the wood putty smooth and use the same paint or wood stain to cover the spots.

Test Window

Row of windows

Test the window to make sure it opens and closes properly. Remove the tape and clean the window on both sides using a commercially available glass cleaner.

Things to Remember

Practice safety first. Make sure when using a ladder to reach high levels that it is secured to the building and has the proper footing.

Always make this at least a two-person do-it-yourself project to ensure accuracy and safety,

Wear protective gear such as gloves and eye goggles to make this a successful and safe project.