Installing Driveway Paving Stones: 4 Tips

There are a variety of driveway paving stones available. A homeowner can choose from a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes from which to create a unique and artistic pattern. The project can be completed by any homeowner with the right tools and a friend or family member to help. Follow the tips below to ensure a successful installation.

1 - Preparing the Area

Use a chalk line to mark the area where the paving stones will be located. Use a shovel to excavate a 1-foot depth of the soil from the area inside the lines. Use gravel to fill the area about 10 inches deep.

2 - Compacting the Area

Use a tamper to compact the gravel. Create a grade in the gravel so that any water will flow off the driveway. Cover the gravel with sand to a 2-inch depth from the ground level. Compact the sand with the tamper.

3 - Aligning the Stones

Use a string line to help you keep the stones straight. Begin at the center of the driveway and work outward toward the edge. Place all of the full stones before you make any cuts. Use spacers to keep the space between the stones even.

4 - Finishing the Driveway

Install the edge stones. Cover all the stones with more sand. Remove any excess sand with a broom. If necessary, apply a sealer to the paving stones.