Installing Duct Insulation Sleeves

Duct Insulation is very important for anyone trying to insulate their home the best that they possibly can. Duct insulation sleeves are specially designed for ducting and this will ensure that the duct remains functional while still helping to insulate it.

Installing these sleeves is actually very easy and should be done at the same time as installing the ducting. This will make it much easier to fit because the ducting will already be exposed.

Step 1 - Looking for Air Leaks

If you are trying to insulate heating ducts then you will first need to look for any air leaks. If there are any air leaks then this will cause problems and end up wasting energy. The correct insulation will make absolutely sure that no energy is wasted because the air leaks will be blocked.

Step 2 - Cutting Fiberglass Insulation

The fiberglass insulation now needs to be cut to size by measuring and cutting it with a knife. Once the fiberglass insulation is cut to shape it can then be fitted correctly.

Step 3 - Securing Insulation

The fiberglass insulation can be secured to the ducting using a staple gun. Make sure that you don't staple through the ducts itself because this would cause damage, you must ensure that you only staple the insulation together.