Installing Electric Winches

  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 250-750
What You'll Need
Electrical gloves
Protective eye gear
Extra electrical wiring
Screws and bolts

When choosing whether to buy electrical or hydraulic-powered winches, check the line speed first. Electrical winches are blazingly fast when carrying light to medium loads, but when it comes to heavy loads, hydraulic winches are still the best choice. Electrical winches perform significantly slower than hydraulic winches when put under a lot of strain. Electrical winches can easily be installed onto the front bumpers of vehicles or the backs of trailers for easy transport. Follow these steps to successfully install electric winches.

Step 1 - Determine Where You Will Install

Whether hydraulic or electric, winches must be properly placed in order to function. Since electric winches aren’t expected to haul heavy loads, they are usually placed on front of vehicles, and never on inclined planes. Electric winches should not be used to hoist people, tow vehicles or relocate people. Only hydraulic winches perform well on inclined planes due to their capacity to carry heavier loads.

Step 2 - Check the Parts

Wear protective eyegear and gloves as you make sure you have all the parts of the electric winch. Test the strength of the cable, and check for any damage. Ensure that the winch battery is fully charged.

Step 3 - Installing the Winch

Now that you’re sure your winch will work optimally, secure it to your preferred location. Use screws and bolts to fasten the electric winch into place. Make sure that the winch’s anchor point is very firm to avoid accidents in the future.

Step 4 - Operate the Winch

Plug the remote control into the switch socket in order to operate the winch from a distance. When use the remote control, refrain from staying near the winch or the cable. Attach the grappling hook unto the object or objects to be hauled. Make sure that the end of the winch is securely attached to the load. If you installed on a vehicle, always make sure that the vehicle is set to neutral. Increase the winch speed gradually and never to switch to maximum power instantly.