Installing End Cap Transition Molding: Mistakes to Avoid

Installing an end cap transition molding is a necessary part of hardwood or laminate floor installation. An end cap gives the floor a finished look. Here are a few mistakes that you should avoid when installing an end cap transition molding.

Measure Accurately

When you need to cut the transition piece so that it can fit into a door, you need to make sure that you measure and cut accurately. Use your tape measure to get the dimension of the doorway. Be exact. Make a mark on the transition piece with a pencil in the spot that it needs to be cut. If you cut it short, you will basically be wasting a transition piece.

Not Applying Pressure

Many people, after gluing down a transition piece in a doorway just leave it as it is and hope that it sticks. While this will work sometimes, if you want to be sure that it stays down, you should apply pressure to it for an extended period of time. Put a bucket of water on top of it or something else while the adhesive is drying. Leave the adhesive to dry, with a weight, for at least 24 hours.