Installing Faux Columns In Your Home

Installing faux columns

in your hone can add a touch of elegance, especially when they reach from floor to ceiling. Columns have long been a popular element in architecture evoking a strong, majestic-like appearance that adds to the overall home décor.

Materials Needed:

•Pre-made columns
•One-inch thick square blocks cut two-inches wider than the columns (two per column)
•Three-quarter inch one-quarter round molding to completely surround the column twice
•Finishing nails
•Wood glue
•Miter box
•Hand saw
•Hammer with various sized nails

Step 1 – Measure the Height

Measure from floor to ceiling where you wish to install the columns, subtracting 2 1/4  inches from this number to accommodate the two one-inch wood blocks - with a little extra wiggle room for good measure. Cut each column this length. Make sure you create a level cut.

Step 2 – Base and Column

Nail or glue into position a column base wood block. Then place the column on top of the base positioning it in the middle. Secure the column to the base with finishing nails driven in at a 45-degree angle making sure to set the nail flush because this will be important later when adding the trim.

Step 3 – Top the Column

Slide the top block into place. This will take a bit of coaching as a result of having only a quarter-inch wiggle room to work with. You need to work it in place so it centers on top of the column. If you cannot nail the block into the ceiling using finishing nails, then you must first apply glue before positioning the block. When nailing, set all nails flush. Remember this is an important step when you add trim later.

Step 4 – Trim

Used the side column measurement for your inside miter cut of the trim molding when cutting on an angle. Cut the three-quarter round molding using the miter box. Create four pieces for both the top and for the bottom of each column. Glue these pieces to the face of the wood blocks at both the top and bottom of the column. Once glued, secure the connection with finishing nails.

Step 5 – Finish Up

Use wood putty to fill all nail head holes allowing sufficient time to dry before sanding smooth. Check your installation carefully for any digs or cuts that might have occurred when installing your faux wood columns. Treat these with a small dab of wood putty. Once dried, sand these spots smooth and you will be ready to prime and paint your columns in the color of your choice.

Tips to Remember

•Measurements are a key element to this project so take each carefully. Remember the wise old adage to measure twice so you only cut once.

•The faux column installation is for decorative purposes only and should not be used for any load-bearing needs.

•The inside measurement for a miter cut is the shortest length of trim wood. The mitered ends will be longer than this measurement. Use a marked arrow on the place to make a miter cut so you will not make an error.