Installing Fireplace Screens

A fireplace with a screen.
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 40-300
What You'll Need
Power drill
Philips-head screwdriver
Fireplace door/screen
Hardware (comes with door)
Concrete anchors
5/16 masonry drill bit
Socket wrench

A fireplace screen is a great addition to your home and keeps your fireplace safe. The screen will keep hot ashes from ruining your carpet and starting a fire. You can choose a metal screen or glass screen. Many people prefer the look of glass even though it is prone to soot build-up. Glass doors for the fireplace should come with fireplace screens. Here is a brief look at how to install the screen and glass doors.

Step 1 - Get Door Ready

The installation brackets will usually be attached to the back of the door's frame. The lintel clamp will be attached to the top and the floor brackets on the bottom. Unscrew them with a screwdriver. Do not lean the face of the door against the wall or brick fireplace because it can cause the surface to scratch. Instead, lay it against something with padding. There will be brackets on the top and floor brackets. Assemble the lintel clamps first.

Step 2 - Attach the Brackets

You will notice that the clamps have slots. This allows you to adjust the height of your lintel clamp setting. Screw them into place at the top of the fireplace door. Screw the floor brackets onto the bottom of the door and tighten all four brackets into the correct place. Use the slider to get a precise location.

Step 3 - Measure Placement and Drill Holes

Fit the fireplace door into the fireplace hole. Open the door and reach in with a heavy-duty marker. There are slits in your brackets. Mark along the slit. This will let you know where you have to put your anchors. After you are certain that you have a left a dot in the right place, pull the door back out.

You will need a power drill and a 5/16 mason drill bit. You will need a mason to cut through the bricks correctly. Drill a two inch hole into the center of the mark. Use your vacuum to suck up the brick dust. Make sure to get the dust out of the holes.

Step 4 - Install Anchors and Insulation

Use a hammer to place the anchors into the holes, but do not pound the anchor, tap it in. You want the anchors to be level with the floor. There should not be a lip.

Your door and mesh fireplace screens should come with insulation. Use gloves and a face mask for this part of the job because the insulation is fiberglass. Line the entire frame of the door. Slide the door into the fireplace hole. Make sure none of the insulation is sticking out of the edges.

Step 5 - Attach the Door and Lintel Clamps

Screw the brackets into the floor anchors. Use the screws that came with the anchors. They will probably have a hex top so you need to use a socket wrench on them. The lintel clamp will have an adjustable thumbscrew and clamp. Tighten the screw in with your pliers.